The Excellent Mother


 "I could watch a cheetah family for days and that is exactly what happened on a recent safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya. These four cubs were honing their skills chasing each other, pouncing, and playing. They will watch their mother closely over the next two years learning everything they need to know to survive and coexist with lions and other large predators. Using the termite mound (about 20 feet tall) as a watchtower, this mother can keep a close lookout for possible danger, prey or just watch the sunrise.” - Carlson

Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Giclée Canvas

  • Gallery Wrap 1.5" depth ready to hang
  • Frame GB2- 3.5" Grey Burl w/ Gold accent
  • Frame AB3- 4.75"  Antique black finish w/ gold liner
  • Solid wood frame custom cut by American Craftsmen