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"I strive to capture life in every brushstroke"
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Bringing the Beauty of Nature into People’s lives through Art

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.” — Edward Abbey

Motivations for collecting art are as varied as the people who collect it. For some, it’s about a deep appreciation for the natural world.
For others, it’s a reminder of the exotic locales they’ve traveled to or the adventures they’ve experienced.
For still others, it’s about enjoying the vicarious thrill of a wild place they’ve never visited, from inside the comfort of their own home.

I believe that no matter what attracts you to wildlife art, whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone just beginning your art journey, every collector is important.

Artist Cory Carlson with Water Gamess

2021 DSC Artist of the Year!

Cory Carlson has been named the 2021 Artist of the year for the DSC convention. Carlson has been exhibiting with DSC for nearly 13 years and has donated numerous pieces for the auctions which have in turn raised thousands of dollars for conservation.

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“Cory’s gift of bringing life to his art is truly amazing. The intensity in the expressions of his subjects are so real, they draw you in as if you were in their world. Our house / museum is honored and blessed to be able to display a large selection of Cory’s visually stunning works.” Rick S. Louisiana
"We love Cory’s use of vibrant, yet believable colors. We also like his shadowing, which really brings out the textures and shapes of his subjects and backgrounds. He really draws the viewer’s attention to his subjects. We are proud to be collectors and friends of Cory and Laura. Even with their successes, they are still down to Earth and genuinely friendly people." Barry & Ruth G. Dallas, TX
“Your painting left me stunned, completely breathless. I thought the lion was going to come right off the canvas, I can’t even express my feelings strong enough. You did a fabulous job-perfect- absolutely perfect…” Debbie, TX