Sudden Encounter


The powerful Cape buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. My inspiration for "Sudden Encounter" is based on an unexpected encounter.

While waiting for the bush plane to arrive and land on the grass airstrip, I was casually photographing zebras and giraffes and had drifted near an area of tall brush. Suddenly I became aware of movement, and a large cape buffalo partially emerged from the thicket. I began backing up as quickly as I dared, not turning my back to the giant bull. The buffalo finally lost interest in me and melted back into the thick brush. The sudden encounter with this dangerous animal was a reminder to always be on constant alert. In Africa, anything may be camouflaged in a dense brush thicket, even large animals. The combination of attitude and rough textures merge, creating a dynamic painting.


Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

  • Frame GB2- 3.5" Grey Burl w/ Gold accent
  • Frame AB1- 4.75"  Antique black finish