Night Patrol II


Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Giclée Canvas

  • Gallery Wrap 1.5" depth ready to hang
  • Frame GB3- 4" Grey Burl w/ antique Gold liner
  • Frame IT2- 4.5"  Italian frame w/ gold accent
  • Solid wood frame custom cut by American Craftsmen

If you would like to request a special size please write at

 "Have you ever heard lions at night? The primal thrill of the first time I heard that low guttural growl is the inspiration for Night Patrol II. We were staying in a remote tented camp when we awoke around midnight to the low grunts and bellows of lions echoing across the plains. I dream and think in pictures so I immediately imagined the coalition of powerful, battle-scarred lions, which we saw at dusk the previous day,  patrolling their riverside domain for intruders and game, communicating with other pride members.

Africa and its wildlife can bond deeply to one's soul, she is imbued with never ending stories and a timeless drama.  Painting the magnificent beasts of Africa is a way for me to relive and share these thrilling experiences. I believe art can be transformative,  connecting us with nature's magic and beauty.  My goal as an artist is to capture these experiences with brushstrokes of deep emotion, allowing the viewer to reconnect with the thrill of wild places." - Carlson