Welcome to Carlson Fine Art Studio

Our journey together began over twenty years ago through a chance encounter at an art show. We shared a passion to bring the beauty of nature into people’s lives, Cory through wildlife art and Laura Glen through jewelry.

Creative designs and paintings emerge from our collaboration. Working in our shared lakeside studio nestled in the forested hills of north Louisiana allows us to easily discuss new ideas and works in progress.

We explore some of nature's most stunning places, seeking inspiration to create our art. Discovering natural treasures from the remote African jungles, the mountains and wetlands of America, and our own backyard is always a joy.

Here at Carlson Fine Art Studio, we pride ourselves in creating unique, high quality original art, museum quality limited editions and affordable handmade jewelry. We love being surrounded by art and wilderness and we hope you'll leave here with something beautiful that brings a touch of nature into your life.

About Cory
Bringing the Thrill of the Wild Inside

Through wildlife art I strive to capture a moment in time allowing us to take a journey in our minds each time we view it, with the hope of inspiring others to help protect our wild places.

Nature and it’s wildlife can bond deeply to ones soul, she is imbued with never ending stories and a timeless drama. I believe art can be transformative, connecting us with nature’s magic and beauty. I want to capture these experiences, through brush strokes of deep emotion, allowing you to bring nature's extraordinary beauty into your home.

Experiencing the thrill of spotting a family of cheetah cubs up close, pouncing, playing and chasing each other...
Hiking through a remote rain forest in search of wild chimpanzees...
Or pursuing the diverse wildlife of North America, from bison, bears and buffalo, to the colorful birds in our own backyard...

I specialize in capturing rare moments like those above by traveling the world to explore wild animals in their natural environment. Real experiences in some of the world's most extraordinary places serves as the inspiration and reference for my art.

More than something beautiful to look at, I endeavor to change the way we view and appreciate wildlife by bringing "life" to every painting.

I am proud to have my work used by numerous conservation organizations to help raise funds and awareness for the protection of wildlife. Admired and collected globally by business leaders and art collectors, my work can be found in private collections and corporate offices throughout the world. In the press my work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Sports Afield, Wildlife Art News, Sporting Classics and on the front cover of Game Trails magazine. Most recently I have been named as DSC's Artist of the Year for 2021.

While wildlife art is my central focus, I’ve also worked in other genres, including animation for Warner Brothers Stores, illustration projects for prominent companies, and even portraiture.

Little-known fun fact: I’m a third-degree black belt and ranked as a martial arts expert. I began TKD at age 10, and was fortunate to study under a martial arts legend who become a mentor to me. While this may seem unrelated to my art career, I’m convinced the discipline and focus I learned through martial arts has made me a better artist and person. 

DSC 2021 Artist of the Year

About Laura Glen
Distinctive jewelry that reflects the organic shapes of nature...curls and patterns in flowing water...curves of clouds and the trailing tendrils of wild vines...expressing the flowing rhythms of life.

High quality Designs Handmade for Everyday Wear

Laura Glen is a creative jewelry maker whose love of nature’s graceful beauty is expressed through the art of sculpting precious metals into unique pieces of jewelry. Her goals as a fine craft artist are clear when she says, “I want the people who wear my jewelry to feel a connection to the jewelry and know the piece was handmade with love and care. I believe this sense of connectivity is achieved through the synergy of seeking balance and harmony between metal and stone in a fluid, organic style.” Her pieces give the wearer an opportunity to express their own individual style and taste.

“I want to create interesting pieces of jewelry expressing the flowing rhythms of life. ” Laura Glen’s jewelry expresses an element of timeless grace.

Laura Glen travels a multi-state area participating in various shows and festivals and has won many awards. Her work is found in a selected number of galleries and shops. She has been interviewed by Louisiana Public Radio and has been featured in several newspapers and magazines including Louisiana Life magazine. She is a member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, North Central Louisiana Arts Council, and the Louisiana Craft Guild.

We invite you to explore our shop or reach out to us directly. We would love to hear from you...