Sudden Encounter


Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Giclée Canvas

  • Frame GB2- 3.5" Grey Burl w/ Gold accent
  • Frame AB1- 4.75"  Antique black finish 
  • Solid wood frame custom cut by American Craftsmen

If you would like to request a special size please write at

"While waiting for the bush plane to arrive and land on the grass airstrip, I was casually photographing zebras and giraffes and had drifted near an area of tall brush. Suddenly I became aware of movement and a large cape buffalo partially emerged from the thicket. I began backing up as quickly as I dared, not turning my back to the large bull. The buffalo finally lost interest in me and melted back into the thick brush.  The sudden encounter with this dangerous animal was a reminder to always be on constant alert. In Africa, anything may be camouflaged in a dense brush thicket, even large animals. The combination of attitude and rough textures merge, creating a dynamic painting." - Carlson