In Pursuit II
In Pursuit II
In Pursuit II
In Pursuit II

In Pursuit II

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”I love painting action, and what could be more dramatic than a beautiful tiger splashing  through the scene!  Big cats have always been a favorite subject of mine and the beautiful colors and fearful symmetry of tigers have always fascinated me.  With In Pursuit I wanted to explore the raw power and stunning speed of the Siberian tiger.  Capable of jumping a length of as much as 32 feet, I wanted to capture the feel of that initial burst of speed and the intense focus of an amazing predator.

  • Original Oil  on Belgian linen.
  • 10"x24"
  • Framed Dimensions 17” x 31”

Original paintings are one-of-a-kind, a work of art created on a blank Belgian linen canvas using oil paints of the finest quality. Each brushstroke is carefully applied by hand, and the layers and textures can be seen, and even felt on each canvas. Each original work of art has a quality and an expression all its own.

Cory Carlson

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