Summer Visitor


Spotting the first hummingbird of the year is a happy occasion, and we always look forward to welcoming these enchanting summer visitors into our yard.

Outside our studio office window grows a wild, reddish-orange trumpet vine that attracts numerous little flying acrobats.  The trumpet vine flowers are large enough for the tiny hummers to slip inside. 

Of course, I much prefer watching the hummingbird antics at the trumpet vine flowers to doing necessary computer work!   Instead of doing office work on a lazy summer day, painting and watching hummingbirds is the inspiration for “Summer Visitor.”

One of my primary goals as an artist is to bring a sense of life to each painting. Capturing the fleeting, vibrant colors in nature is a constant challenge that I enjoy.

  • Original Oil on Belgian linen 
  • Unframed 3"x6.5"
  • Framed 10.5"x14"