Bluebird of Happiness


The site of a vibrant bluebird always lifts my spirit and brightens my day!  Bluebirds are harbingers of happiness in many different cultures across the world and the centuries. The sense of joy and hope when seeing these beautiful birds is my inspiration for “Bluebird of Happiness.”

Bluebirds are frequent and welcome visitors to the open spaces between our home and the lake.  We often spot the bluebirds swooping and dipping over the grasses, snatching a variety of flying insects. 

I always enjoy the chance to work with the most vibrant pigments and the challenge of painting colorful birds. Carefully and thoughtfully applied layers of paint become rich colors as I seek to bring a sense of life and a moment in time to each painting.

  • Original Oil on Belgian linen 
  • Unframed 4"x8"
  • Framed 11.5"x15.5"